The 4th Annual NGS O&M Workshop for the CGD industry will be held at India International Centre, New Delhi, on February 17-18, 2020. 

Programme Highlights –

  • 1. CGD Challenges (Panel discussion – CEO Forum)
  • 2. Gas Loss Accounting System  in CGD
  • 3. O&M practices & challenges (esp in the dispenser, customer addressing etc.)
  •  4. New Initiatives, AMR & its application to CGD Industry 
  • 5. New Technology in CGD Industry  
Programme details can be viewed at the following link:

NGS’ O&M Workshops have been major success with participation by CGD entities, component and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders. Glimpses of previous workshops and presentations are at


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City Gas Distribution A Potential Game Changer in the Push for Increased Gas Use

– by Afsir Ahmad & Deepika Lal

India – LNG as a Potential Marine Fuel

– by Afsir Ahmad & Deepika Lal

City Gas Distribution Successful Ninth Round Brings Reason to Cheer but also Challenges

– by V C Chittoda & Deepak Sharma

CGD Sector seeks relief from MoPNG, PNGRB to help revival after the adverse COVID19 impact

The city Gas Companies have represented to the  Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and the PNGRB about the severe impact on the city gas sector owing to the lockdown following the COVID19 pandemic and have sought help in swift revival of activities through procedural and financial interventions.
In letters addressed separately to both the MoPNG and the PNGRB for assistance in their respective domains, by NGS, the sector has sought,  among other things,
  • To defer minimum work program by at least 24 months for the 9th and 10th round of CGD activity.
  • Consider allocation of APM and NAPM gas for H1 of 2020-21, and H2 of 2020-21 if possible, quantities reported to PPAC for the period of October 2019 to February 2020. 
  • To direct gas suppliers and transporters to bill CGD entities only for the quantities they consumed at normal prices / rates without any additional charges like excess gas, take-or-pay, imbalance etc. till normal consumption resumes, i.e. officially declaring Covid-19 as a force majeure.
  • Relaxation/ rationalization in the Performance Bank Guarantee norms by the PNGRB as a special case.
  • Exemption of the CGD sector from Excise Duty (14%) and a deferment of Statutory Tax compliance at least till September-December, 2020.
  • To host the CGD Policy on the PNGRB web page.
  • Assist the industry by taking up with PESO for swift clearance.
  • Assistance with State, local authorities in swift grant of approvals and clearances.
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  •  MoPN&G 

National Conclave on Emerging Opportunities in Natural Gas Sector

We are laying a network of Gas pipelines from Kutch to Kohima and from Kashmir to Kochi, says Shri Dhamendra Pradhan at the National Conclave

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dhamendra Pradhan has called upon all the stakeholders to contribute positively in transforming India into a gas based economy.  Presiding over the national conclave on emerging opportunities in the natural gas sector here today, he said that the present share of gas in the energy basket of the country is 6.2% and the target is to take it to15% by 2030.  He said that the world average is 24% while within the country, the Gujarat has 26% share of gas based energy. . Read more


Over 1.51 Crore free LPG cylinders distributed so far to the PMUY beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana(PMGKY)

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan appreciates the sincerity and hard work of LPG delivery boys, calls them frontline soldiers Some LPG Delivery boys inform that they have also contributed towrads PM-CARES FundRead More..


More than 1.51 Crore free LPG cylinders have been distributed so far to the PMUY beneficiaries  under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana(PMGKY) in this month.  Under the PMKGY, several relief measures have been announced by the central Government for the welfare of poor, and one of the important component of the Yojana is to provide 3 LPG cylinders (14.2 kg) free to over 8 crore beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana(PMUY) over the period of April to June 2020. For the seamless implementation of the scheme,the Oil Marketing Companies have been transferring an advance equal to the RSP of one 14.2 kg refill or one 5 kg refill depending upon the type of package to the linked bank account of PMUY customer. The customer can use this advance money to take LPG refill. The Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are distributing 50 to 60 lakh cylinders per day, which includes about 18 lakh free cylinders to PMUY beneficiaries.

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