World’s LNG-fueled first bulker with ME-GI engine under construction

World’s LNG-fueled first bulker with ME-GI engine under construction

After a period of negotiation, Korean shipowner, ILSHIN and HMD (Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd.)

have signed a shipbuilding contract for a 50,000 dwt bulk carrier. As a world first for the segment,

the vessel will be powered by an MAN B&W 6G50ME-C9.5- GI engine, to be built by HHI-EMD

(Hyundai Heavy Industries – Engine & Machinery Division) who will also supply the ME-GI and fuel

gas supply system.

POSCO, the multinational steel-making company headquartered in Pohang, South Korea, has already

agreed to charter the newbuilding upon delivery, and will use the vessel to transport limestone for

its operations. POSCO will deliver the LNG fuel tank, which will be made of high-Mn steel as an

alternative material to the currently widely used nickel alloy.

The ME-GI dual fuel low speed diesel engine represents the culmination of many years of

development work. Depending on relative price and availability, as well as environmental

considerations, the ME-GI engine gives shipowners and operators the option of using either HFO or

gas – predominantly natural gas.

MAN Diesel & Turbo sees significant opportunities arising for gas-fuelled tonnage as concerns about

both CO2 and SOx emission increase. Indeed, research indicates that the ME-GI engine delivers

significant reductions in CO2, NOx and SOx emissions. Furthermore, the ME-GI engine – in contrast

to competing engines – has only a negligible, unburnt gas slip, consequently adding very little to the

greenhouse effects of such slips. In addition, the Diesel combustion principle leaves no

formaldehyde emissions. fueled-first- bulker-with- me-gi- engine-under- construction/

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