Will low oil prices signal a decline in NGVs?

Will low oil prices signal a decline in NGVs?

There’s no doubt that this year is a big year for natural gas vehicles. Tumbling oil prices and concerns over infrastructure provision threaten to stall the strong growth America’s NGV market has enjoyed over the past few years. Fleets, Utilities, Infrastructure Providers and C-Stores need to know where the market is going so they can act accordingly.

 With that in mind, FC Gas Intelligence has produced an industry whitepaper that focuses on the impact of oil prices on the market for natural gas vehicles. The whitepaper is entitled ‘What affect will low oil prices have on the growth of natural gas vehicles in the USA?’

The whitepaper features discussion of the most significant issue facing gas as a fuel. There’ll be in depth analysis of why the oil price has plunged and examination of the potential price scenarios as we move through 2015. In addition, the whitepaper will focus on how oil prices will affect the NGV market in the US; will infrastructure provision slow down? Do the economics for natural gas still work even if the oil prices stay low?

All of this and more will be discussed to give you the full picture. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get greater insight into the hottest topic in NGVs right now.


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