Two races and two wins in a row for Ecomotori with a CNG Fiat 500

Two races and two wins in a row for Ecomotori with a CNG Fiat 500

After three days of challenging competition, Nicola Ventura and Guido Guerrini have won the Monte Carlo Rally, reaching the top of the 2015 FIA World Championship for Alternative Energies. This is a brilliant way to start off the 2015 racing season for the Ecomotori Racing Team and its Cavagna-Bigas CNG-converted Fiat 500 Eco-Abarth.

The Italian team triumphed after seven special tests spread out over a race that is more than one thousand kilometers long. After carefully studying the competition (ninth place after the first three tests), Ventura and Guerrini rose up the ranks, and by the fifth test they had already taken the lead. The last two tests left no doubt about their first place finish, as they put half a minute between them and the defending World Champion Massimo Liverani, who came in second.

The Ecomotori Team also achieved noteworthy results in the energy consumption classification, where Ventura and Guerrini came in tenth place. Only nine hybrid and electric cars ranked ahead of them, which is remarkable considering that those cars are assigned extremely advantageous coefficients by the race organizers when compared to vehicles powered by gaseous or liquid fuels.

Regarding the positive results in the energy consumption classification, Ventura stressed “the important technical work carried out by Bigas on the eve of the race, which allowed the CNG-converted Fiat 500 Eco-Abarth to have a great performance on the difficult climbs that lead up to the legendary hills like the Col de Turini, while at the same time maintaining a really low level of energy consumption.”

In the sixteen editions held so far, this is the first time that an Italian team has achieved a double victory at the Rally of Monte Carlo. The next date is set for mid-May, when the World Championship will be held at the San Marino-Vatican City Ecorally.

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