Trinidad and Tobago: private CNG filling station opens in Pt. Lisas

Trinidad and Tobago: private CNG filling station opens in Pt. Lisas

The NGC CNG Company Limited (NGC CNG) has announced the commissioning of this new facility at the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) Warehouse Field Complex located in Point Lisas. It will service NGC’s fleet of more than 200 natural gas vehicles. “When we got licensed to operate, everybody was relieved. It is with a great sense of pride that we are able to utilize this station to fill our vehicles,” said Project engineer of NGC CNG, Kala Trebouhansingh.

The filling station is equipped with state-of-the-art compression, storage and dispenser equipment supplied by Argentinean company Agira. The compressor is a 3 Stage Reciprocating Unit that receives natural gas from NGC’s pipeline network at approximately 350 psi and compresses and discharges CNG to the fleet of pick-up trucks and sedans at 3,000 psi.


Eugene Williams, Instrument Technician III who works at the Warehouse Field Complex, was also elated that the station had been completed and ready to service the company. “The challenges in the commissioning stages were overshadowed by the elation of seeing fellow employees pull up and pop their vehicle bonnets to fill up with CNG right at our Warehouse Field Complex. This confirmed that we are capable of boundless feats,” he said.

Regarding the design and construction of the facility, NGC complied with stringent and detailed regulatory requirements of several statutory authorities.

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