Tatarstan and Gazprom Create Incentives for NGV Promotion

Tatarstan and Gazprom Create Incentives for NGV Promotion

In Tatarstan’s capital city of Kazan, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan and “Gazprom

gas-engine fuel” (Gazprom) have signed an agreement for the implementation of incentive programs

aimed at developing the natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel market. The Republic of Tatarstan is the first

region in Russia where a project combining public subsidy allocation and private investment will be

implemented for the conversion of vehicles to natural gas.

Under the terms of the agreement Republic of Tatarstan Government will provide subsidies for

reimbursement of the cost to businesses and individuals who carried out the conversion of transport to

natural gas. The subsidy will amount to 30%.

In turn, Gazprom will provide approved individuals a fuel card with a bonus of 1,500 m3 of compressed

natural gas (CNG) and financial support for the installation of a natural gas fuel system (including

cylinders) into their vehicles. About 1,500 cars are planned to be converted under the incentive


“The program will have a positive effect both for commercial vehicle fleets and private car owners.

Subsidies will reduce the initial cost of the installation of CNG equipment and natural gas fuel costs,”

said Mikhail Likhachev, General Director of Gazprom.

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