Tata Motors launches Intra V20 petrol-CNG pickup with 700km range

Tata Motors, which is looking to improve its presence in the growing pickup market, has launched the Intra V20, a dual-fuel vehicle that runs on petrol and CNG. The Yodha 2.0 and Intra V50 were the other pickups introduced during an event in Hyderabad on Sept, 26. According to the company’s top leaders, the launches would help the company make inroads into the small commercial vehicles market. Tata Motors currently has 40% of the overall market share, as per estimates.

Sh. Girish Wagh, Executive Director at Tata Motors, stated that the introduction of new vehicles would help the company to increase the market share by another 4-5%, if not more. He also stated that It has been targeted at the agriculture, poultry and dairy sectors in addition to expanding delivery requirements of FMCGs, e-commerce and logistic sectors.

While the Yodha comes available in 1,200, 1,500 and 1,700kg-rated payload options with 4×4 and 4×2 configurations, and is available in single cab and crew cab options, the Intra V50 on the other hand offers a 1,500kg rated payload capacity and the largest deck length in its segment. Further, the Intra V20, the country’s first bi-fuel (CNG + petrol) commercial vehicle with a payload of 1,000kg has an impressive range of 700km in a single filling.

Sh. Vinay Pathak, VP, product line, SCV and PU, at Tata Motors remarked that prior to the implementation of BS-IV, the cost of a diesel vehicle was significantly lower than the cost of a CNG car. The cost of fuel and CNG have now practically reached parity with the establishment of the BSVI emission standards.


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