Tanzania: mobility app encourages drivers to use CNG

Bolt Tanzania has expressed their commitment to continue encouraging its drivers to embrace cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly natural gas to cut down vehicle emissions, reported the local newspaper Daily News.

“Through Bolt’s Green Plan, our CNG platform is a testament of our commitment to fight for better cities whilst empowering our drivers and providing them with the best earning opportunities,” said Bolt Country Manager Remmy Eseka. “Through the use of CNG, drivers’ costs have been reduced significantly. As a result, they can grow their earnings and also protect the environment.”

“Since I began using CNG, my earnings especially while using the Bolt App have increased by 85% as my expenses have greatly reduced. I would highly recommend the switch to CNG,” commented Amri Mkiwa, one of the drivers who has been using the Bolt platform for two years.

In line with the company’s focus on accelerating the expansion of its new and existing mobility products, Bolt encourages its drivers to embrace more environmentally-friendly options that will reduce their overall expenses and carbon footprint, which translates to lesser pollution.

Bolt continues to invest intently in green transport options across Africa and seeks to expand its sustainable mobility alternatives in East Africa.




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