Spain: Reganosa promotes LNG adoption in trucks in Galicia

Spain: Reganosa promotes LNG adoption in trucks in Galicia

LNG is destined to revolutionize the heavy road transport industry since the cost of operating a

lorry running on this product is 25 % lower than that of diesel. This finding was addressed at the

meeting held in Mugardos between directors from the Galician Federation of Freight Transport

(Fegatramer) and Reganosa. Both parties opened a line of collaboration to promote the

implementation of this new fuel in the industry.

Reganosa, currently involved in two European projects to foster the use of alternative fuels

with greater availability and environmental efficiency, invited the directors of the above trade

organisation to a meeting in which to discuss opportunities for collaboration. The delegation of

the transport industry was led by its president, Ramón Alonso Fernández. On behalf of

Reganosa, the director general of the company, Emilio Bruquetas, and the director for Strategy,

Sergio Barral, were present.

Although the fleet of truck running on LNG is growing constantly, it is expected to increase in

size as soon as the refueling network is adapted to the provisions of the European Directive on

Alternative Fuel, according to which there must be refueling stations at least every 400

kilometers, and in every city with a population of over 100.000 inhabitants. In Galicia, pilot

projects are under way in order to establish a supply network.

Truck engines operating on LNG are also about to take a great leap, going from a maximum

power of 320 hp to 400 hp, with which they will be fully fit for very steep roads.

In the light of such circumstances, the director general of Reganosa offered Fegatramer

collaboration to engage in joint research in order to facilitate the implementation of liquefied

natural gas in road transport. In turn, Alonso spoke about the need that Galician carriers have

for the LNG supply network to be improved in Galicia, along the AP-9 motorway and in the

North of Portugal.

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