Spain: Gas Natural Fenosa targets energy diversification in Catalonia

Spain: Gas Natural Fenosa targets energy diversification in Catalonia

Assumpta Farran, General Director of Environmental Quality of the Territory and Sustainability Department of Catalonia; Mercè Rius, director of l’Institut Català d’Energia; and Daniel López Jordà, CEO of Retail Business at Gas Natural Fenosa, signed a collaboration agreement to promote the use of CNG in private and public vehicles, increase the number of fueling stations and promote the acquisition of vehicles using this fuel.

The agreement also involves the gradual introduction of natural gas in shipping. The energy company is already working together with Baleària, and within the framework of collaboration with the Government and the Port of Barcelona, ​​in a pioneering project to develop the first auxiliary engine running on natural gas for passenger ships which will reduce the emissions and improve air quality, both in urban and port spaces.

“Gas Natural Fenosa worked for more than two decades in the study and promotion of the use of natural gas in transport. This agreement, result of public-private partnership, is another important step in the development of mobility by alternative fuels such as natural gas. Moreover, this is a strong way to enhance the sustainability and build value for society,” said Lopez Jordà.

This agreement seeks to increase energy diversification of Catalonia’s fleet to more easily achieve the objectives of energy efficiency set up by European regulation (20/20/20). Thus, it will encourage the addition of CNG-powered vehicles to Generalitat fleet, offering them a distinctive of Environmental Quality Assurance for commercial fleets, a tariff reduction in tolls, and the access to BUS-HOV lanes.

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