Solbus Solcity fueled by LNG will be tested by Slovak transit operators

Solbus Solcity fueled by LNG will be tested by Slovak transit operators

The innovative bus was presented to potential customers, users and municipal authorities in the town of Dunajsk√° Streda, Slovakia. The liquefied natural gas bus and the mobile station of Gazprom Germania performed the fueling process, filling the 367-litres-tank with approx. 35 kg of LNG (maximum capacity 320kg).

The benefits of LNG were described to the audience by the representatives of Gazprom Germania, Vemex, Polish bus manufacturer Solbus, Chart Ferox, Czech producer of LNG equipment and Danube LNG, Slovakian partner of Solbus and organizer of the demo runs.

Mr. Tobias Noack from Gazprom Germania explained the economical and environmental benefits of the LNG technology and announced that he was looking forward to introduce this new alternative to the Slovakian public transport sector through a demonstration project.

In the coming days, LNG Solbus together with the mobile refueling station will be demonstrated to potential customers not only in Dunajsk√° Streda but also in the towns of Zvolen, Prievidza, and Trnava. During these upcoming days the Solbus Solcity 12 LNG will be integrated and tested in the daily operation of different Slovakian bus operators in order to make them experience the benefits of LNG-fueled buses.

First buses of that type are already being delivered to serve the city lines in Polish Olsztyn and Warsaw. Liquefied natural gas to fuel the fleet is supplied by Gazprom Germania.

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