Ryder Signs CNG Agreement With Mansfield Clean Energy Partners

 Ryder Signs CNG Agreement With Mansfield Clean Energy Partners

Ryder System said Nov. 12 it signed an agreement with Mansfield Clean Energy Partners to offer compressed natural gas to bulk fuel haulers, a segment of the transportation industry that consumes more than 500 million gallons of fuel annually.


The agreement includes truck leasing and maintenance services for natural-gas vehicles from Ryder, and CNG fueling from Mansfield. The companies have worked with tractor and engine manufacturers to develop an optimized CNG vehicle design specifically for bulk fuel-hauling applications.

Mansfield Clean Energy Partners is a joint venture that was formed in September by Mansfield Energy Corp. and Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

“Ryder’s . . . natural-gas vehicle and maintenance capabilities, combined with Mansfield’s fueling expertise, will enable us to help convert more of the critical bulk fuel-hauling market” to CNG, said Dennis Cooke, president of Ryder’s global fleet management solutions.

Mansfield also has leased 12 heavy-duty CNG vehicles from Ryder, the first such trucks in Mansfield’s fleet, which will be used to haul diesel and gasoline for Mansfield customers. They will be serviced at Ryder’s Atlanta maintenance facility.

“Mansfield is uniquely positioned to serve the bulk fuel-hauling market because of the company’s over half-century of experience in the refined fuel products supply chain,” CEO Michael Mansfield said.


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