Russia: GAZ Group delivers nearly 100 PAZ CNG buses to Krasnodar

Russia: GAZ Group delivers nearly 100 PAZ CNG buses to Krasnodar

The 95 PAZ-329412 buses powered by compressed natural gas were purchased by passenger carriers of Krasnodar under the state program on gas vehicles introduction. GAZ Group is the largest Russian manufacturer of buses of all classes and purposes running on methane and was the first among domestic manufacturers to develop and start mass production of these buses.

The medium-duty PAZ-320412 is designed to serve urban and suburban routes, able to transport 50 passengers, including 29 seats, as well as a specially equipped place for people with reduced mobility. It is completed with a Cummins Euro-5 gas engine offering 196.7 hp. CNG is filled in six 62-liter cylinders and a 50-liter cylinder, thus allowing a fuel distance of up to 320 km, all-metal cylinders are arranged in the body base.


Moreover, this bus has a high return on investment due to effective economic indicators: the low fuel price, the minimum ratio of fuel consumption and a high well-balanced service life of vehicle and powertrain provide the advantageous cost of ownership and operation.

During 2014 about 400 natural gas buses were delivered by GAZ Group to such regions as Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Izhevsk, and others.

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