Rolande, G&V Energy open fourth LNG fueling station in Belgium

Dutch firm Rolande and Belgian partner G&V Energy have opened their fourth liquefied natural gas fueling station for trucks in Belgium to cater to the growing demand for LNG in the transport sector.

Located in Waregem, the new station follows the opening of the first LNG station for the duo in Antwerp in August 2020, in Habay in November 2020, and in Meer in June this year.

The new site features two LNG pumps and is located on the main North-South traffic axis for transit transport through Belgium, according to a joint statement.

Xavier Dewulf, CEO of G&V Energy, said in the statement that the partners plan to open new locations in 2022 and 2023, including Zellik, which would open later this year.

Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of Rolande, said LNG helps in “greening transport” but the firm plans to “move on to bio-LNG as soon as possible”.

“That will mean a saving for heavy road transport of up to almost 100 percent in CO2 emissions compared to traditional diesel,” he said.

Rolande recently opened a fueling station in Hamburg, a major port city in northern Germany.

This is the company’s sixth LNG fueling station in Germany, adding to its network of stations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

European LNG fueling network continued to expand this year despite very high prices of the fuel.

According to NGVA Europe, there are now 587 LNG fueling stations in Europe.

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