Renault Trucks Completes ‘Distribution’ Range with D Wide CNG Euro 6

Renault Trucks Completes ‘Distribution’ Range with D Wide CNG Euro 6

Renault Trucks has been developing and selling vehicles running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for its Distribution range since 2004. The French manufacturer has completed that range with the addition of the Renault Trucks D Wide CNG, fitted with the new 9L Euro VI gas engine, offering a power rating of 320 hp and available in two configurations; a 19 t 4×2 and a 26 t 6×2.

Among the choice of alternative energy solutions offered by Renault Trucks, CNG is a reliable energy source with maturing technology that generates little pollution: the engines emit virtually no particles, smoke or odour. Furthermore, in urban environments, they have an operating range comparable to that of a Diesel vehicle.

Renault Trucks is now launching the D Wide CNG Euro 6, which operates equally well on natural gas or biomethane fuel, a renewable fuel. Biomethane is produced from organic materials which generates significantly lower CO2 emissions than a Diesel vehicle. Vehicles running on CNG biomethane fuel are therefore perfectly suitable for use in urban and suburban environments (distribution and delivery). They are greatly appreciated by regional authorities for activities such as street cleaning, refuse collection and distribution.

The Renault Trucks D Wide CNG is equipped with the new Euro 6 NGT9 6 cylinder engine with a displacement of 9 L and a power rating of 320 hp. This engine offers dynamic qualities and driving comfort on a par with that of a Diesel engine, while at the same time providing higher torque (1,356 Nm) and lower noise levels.

The Renault Trucks D Wide CNG Euro VI features a fully automatic Allison series 3200 gearbox, designed for applications like refuse collection. Like the Diesel version, the D Wide CNG has a gearbox which automatically switches from neutral to driving mode and vice versa. This allows the driver to activate the tipper without having to manually change into neutral.

The new truck is available with a choice of two fuel tank capacities: 600 L of CNG compressed to 200 bars, which is 90 kg of gas in six tanks or 800 L, which is 120 kg of gas using eight tanks. For fuelling, the D Wide CNG offers connections to the NGV1 and NGV 2 standards in order to meet the requirements of gas suppliers in Europe. These steel tanks have been designed to resist a pressure of up to 500 bars, which is 2.5 times higher than normal and remain operational for more than 20 years.

Like Renault Trucks’ Diesel vehicles, the D Wide CNG is produced at Blainville-sur-Orne in the Calvados Déparetment of France. The vehicle is also serviced and maintained by the Renault Trucks network throughout Europe.

The gas sector is now supported by the European Union which, in September 2014, adopted new regulations designed to ensure that an adequate number of gas fuelling stations would be set up to cover the whole of Europe.

The French Natural Gas Vehicles Association (AFGNV) appointed Jean-Claude Girot, Director of Public Affairs at Renault Trucks, as its new President in April 2014, t for a term of three years.

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