Quantum receives more orders to supply its CNG storage technology

Quantum receives more orders to supply its CNG storage technology

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. announced follow-on orders for its Q-CabLITE™ Back-of-Cab storage module from a major transportation company with over 200 terminals and operational locations in the United States.

“We are starting to see existing customers that have experienced the light-weight storage features of our Q-CabLITE storage modules return with follow-on orders,” said Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum. “We are making an impact in the carrier market and are encouraged by the fact that customers are returning to take greater advantage of all the economical and efficiency benefits of our storage systems.”

Quantum’s Q-RailLITE™ and Q-CabLITE CNG storage modules are integrated CNG fuel systems for heavy-duty truck applications. The Q-RailLITE™ product line has been developed to be managed and installed on the traditional open rail-space on a vehicle. The Q-CabLITE™ product line is installed behind the cab allowing for a larger capacity of CNG.

Both modules have integral fuel receptacle(s), pressure gauge, safety systems (including shut-off valves), pressure relief device(s), pressure sensors and fuel metering subsystems (including pressure regulator and thermal management). Each module contains Quantum’s proprietary, ultra-light Q-Lite® CNG storage cylinder, which further minimizes weight and increases fuel capacity.


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