Powergas receives best CNG, LNG award in Nigeria

Powergas receives best CNG, LNG award in Nigeria

Powergas, one of the largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) producer and distributor, has received the “Best Compressed & Liquefied Natural Gas Production Company” of the Year in 2016 from The “Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology” (IGRLT).

According to the firm, the award was bestowed on it for its performance, innovation and positive contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of Nigeria.

“The IGRLT recognisedPowergasis the pioneer in the off-pipeline gas distribution network in Nigeria, with both gas compression and distribution capabilities and commended them for continued investment in the industry. Powergas is not only the largest but also the fastest growing CNG supplier in Nigeria, having doubled its client base in the past year”, a statement from the firm read in part.

Chairman of the Clean Energy Group and Chief Executive Officer of Powergas, Deepak Khilnani, said: “Thank you to IGRLT for recognising our efforts in the CNG and mini-LNG industry and congratulations to the Powergas team for continued hard work. We have an exciting phase of growth over the next two years with plans to produce enough CNG and LNG to generate 500 MW of electricity at power plants across Nigeria where the pipeline does not reach.”

Director of Powergas, AloyDuru, who received the award on behalf of the organisation.said: “Powergas is committed to Nigeria’s CNG and LNG development and we will continue to invest not only in additional compression and liquefaction stations but also innovative customer solutions. Our aim is to get high quality gas to you safely at competitive rates.”

Powergas was originally formed to address the severe energy and electricity challenges in Nigeria. Plagued with a limited gas pipeline infrastructure, unreliable grid connected power and expensive, environmentally polluting diesel standby power generation, Powergas’ clean and competitive ‘virtual pipeline’ offering provides natural gas to clients who are not connected to the pipeline.


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