Port of Antwerp Grants LNG Bunker & Scrubber Users Discount for Lowering Particulate Emissions

Port of Antwerp Grants LNG Bunker & Scrubber Users Discount for Lowering Particulate Emissions

The Port of Antwerp Tuesday announced that seagoing vessels that reduce their particulate emissions through the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) bunkers or scrubbers will be eligible to receive a discount on port dues beginning June 1, 2015.

Under the new programme, ships that are powered by LNG for at least a 24 hour period prior to calling the Port of Antwerp will be able to receive a 20 percent discount.

Also, ships that can demonstrate effective use of scrubbers in closed-loop mode only will be eligible for a 15 percent discount.

The Port says the discount scheme is being offered for a period of three years and, in an effort to reward “early adopters”, the the incentives will be gradually reduced starting in 2016.

The percentages for 2016 are set at 15 percent for LNG-powered vessels and 10 percent for vessels with effective scrubber use in closed-loop mode, and will be reduced further in 2017 to 10 percent and five percent, respectively.

Antwerp Port Authority said the introduction of the new discount is intended to aid its sustainability policy as well as support the Port and City of Antwerp’sParticulates and NO2 Action Plan, meant to reduce the environmental impact that ships have on air quality in the region.

The new particulates discount combines with an existing Environmental Ship Index (ESI) discount at the port, which the Port of Antwerp says will enable some ships to benefit from a 30 percent reduction in port dues whenever they call.

In February, Belgian gas carrier Exmar NV announced demand for LNG bunkers at Antwerp was not strong enough to warrant its development of a LNG bunkering vessel at the port.


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