Polish Road Test Shows NG HDVs Lower Costs and Emissions

Polish Road Test Shows NG HDVs Lower Costs and Emissions

A six-month road test of three Iveco Stralis LNG-powered trucks, carried out in a collaborative project between Iveco Poland and Cryogas M&T Poland, has delivered two main conclusions: a significant decrease in fuel costs and reduced exhaust gases emission. Iveco provided the test vehicles and Cryogas supplied the fuel.

The road test was carried out with the cooperation of IKEA Distribution North Europe. Carriers providing transport services for IKEA welcomed the operation and results of tractors powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Five carriers participated in the half-year program. The convenors say the results prove beyond doubt it is possible to reduce emissions of CO2, adding that the test has dismantled a barrier to the use of LNG as a fuel in Poland.

Cryogas established access to LNG refuelling point and supplied natural gas at the IKEA Distribution Centre in Jarosty. Carriers were able to become familiar with the characteristics of LNG handling and operations, including LNG refuelling process. Drivers learned that operating LNG-fuelled trucks is very similar to diesel powered trucks.

Road tests were executed by three Iveco Stralis AT 440S33 TP LNG, each vehicle traveling more than 40,000 km. Average fuel consumption was 24.9 kg/100 km (average mass of transported goods by truck was 15.3 t). For the same activity relevant diesel trucks consume 30.4 L/100 km. The results showed 7% less CO2 emissions than for diesel trucks, at the same time significantly cutting particulate matter emission. Fuel cost was reduced by 30% (including cost of AdBlue).

According to the report, based on current prices, the break-even point for investments in an IVECO LNG vehicle for mileages exceeding 105,000 km per year. Then the monthly savings on LNG fuel and the service contract will outweigh the other vehicle operating costs (TCO). That ROI relationship will improve with increased adoption of LNG trucks by European fleets.


The tested Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power trucks were powered by 330 HP Cursor 8 NG engine which are rated to EURO VI emission standard. Each was equipped with a cryogenic LNG tank with a capacity of 510 litres and 4 CNG tanks of 70 litres. Natural gas stored in system provided a total range of 750 km (600 km on LNG and 150 km on CNG).

The road tests revealed some challenges:

The range of 750 km on one refuelling (LNG trucks with 1.500 km soon available on market)

The need for more engine power. While 330 hp was suitable for most applications, a 400 hp engine will be more convenient for long distance transport

Limited infrastructure for refuelling

Cryogas, which offers wholesale supplies of LNG throughout Poland, is addressing the first and last points. The core of the LNG refueling station network for transport companies will be an LNG container refueling station near Piotrków Trybunalski or Łódź. It will have the capacity to serve dozens of LNG trucks a day and will become operational in the first quarter of 2017. The test report says the next stage will include installing LNG container stations at LNG transport network nodes located near Gdańsk/Gdynia, the Silesian Agglomeration, Poznań and Warsaw. LNG refueling container stations, planned to become operational in the second half of 2017, will have capacity to refuel several trucks a day.

Currently, LNG refueling is provided by Przedsię-biorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej in Śrem, where the first LNG powered truck in Poland was put into operation. The station is easily accessible for trucks and is located along the 432 regional road (connecting Śrem and Zaniemyśl). Two other stations are located in Olsztyn and Warsaw and are dedicated for fueling buses.


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