ONGC calls US company to contain fire at gas well

ONGC calls US company to contain fire at gas well

State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) on Sunday said it has called the globally renowned oil and gas blow out control experts Boots&Coots from US to contain fire at a gas well near Surat in which 12 persons were injured.

“Well Olpad-31 caught fire during repair maintenance job yesterday. The experts are expected to reach the well site soon,” the company said in a statement in New Delhi.

Also, ONGC’s Crisis Management Team (CMT) has stepped up efforts to drill a relief well at a nearby place for which the foundation work has already been started.

This well will be directionally drilled to reach the affected well sub-surface. This well will be used to plug the affected well at the bottom and stop further gas flow, ONGC said.

“Water is being continuously sprayed over the wellhead to keep the area cool so as not to let fire spread further. Fire is intentionally not being extinguished as gas gushing out needs to be burned at wellhead till such time well stops flow of the gas,” the statement said.

Seven fire tenders have been deployed at the site, along with two trailer pumps. One more fire tender is being mobilised on Sunday from Gandhar.

Besides this, high discharge water pumps are being mobilised from Vadodara and Rajahmundry. Of the injured, three were discharged after first aid.

Out of nine admitted at the WellCare Hospital Surat, four are ONGC employees and rest five are from the crew of contracted rig which caught fire.

While two patients are likely to be discharged soon, the condition of others is reported to be critical but stable, ONGC said.


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