Omnitek’s dealer in Turkey forms strategic alliance with Naturelgaz

Omnitek’s dealer in Turkey forms strategic alliance with Naturelgaz

Omnitek Engineering Corp. announced the company’s exclusive distributor in Turkey, Teknosis, has expanded its strategic position in that country through a collaborative partnership with natural gas infrastructure company Naturelgaz and Hayat Inovasyon, a subsidiary of Hayat Holding, the seventh largest conglomerate in Europe.

The alliance has a near-term goal to accelerate the utilization of natural gas engines for heavy-duty truck applications and municipal buses. Omnitek has already shipped multiple orders for diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits to Teknosis, with expectations of a sharp ramp-up in the months ahead.

“Our partnership in Turkey provides public and private customers with a cost-effective alternative to high-polluting diesel engines and costly new natural gas vehicle purchases, with a payback-period as short as four months due to the price difference between diesel and gas in Turkey. In addition, the country’s expanding infrastructure of CNG refueling stations, mostly owned and operated by Naturelgaz, complements our strategic growth plans and provides a model for other countries,” said Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Naturelgaz and Hayat Holding in Turkey, as each has an existing large customer base. Turkey is a very important market for Omnitek; and, we are planning to open a R&D center to accelerate the development of conversion kits for specific engines operating in the Turkish market,” Funk added.






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