Ola Cabs Plans Massive CNG Investment

Ola Cabs Plans Massive CNG Investment

ANI Technologies Private Limited, known by its business name in India as Ola Cabs, is committed to the

mobility needs of Delhi NCR. Ola came to Delhi in 2012, and since then has set about implementing a

cleaner city-wide taxi service through the use of natural gas vehicles. In March, Ola reportedly

announced plans to invest Rs 200 crore (approx. USD 30 million) to further enable CNG vehicle adoption

in Delhi-NCR.

According to an Economic Times article, Ola said its current compressed natural gas powered fleet in

Delhi-NCR is over 26,000 cabs, and it plans to continue more programmes to help drivers switch to CNG

vehicles, aiming to add 2,000 more CNG cabs every month across its micro, mini and prime categories.

Ola says it has consistently focused on sustainability, backed by the launch of several initiatives since

start-up to support its commitment to a greener, cleaner Delhi. It claims position as the first in the

market to address 100% of demand within Delhi with CNG vehicles. The company has partnered with car

manufacturers, financial institutions and fuel companies to create an ecosystem for easy adoption of

CNG vehicles for the driver community and now operates in many of India’s major cities, including

Lucknow, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi , Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Ola Cabs has also rolled out a flagship program ‘Ola Green Pragati’ that provides huge discounts,

exchange facility as well as easy financing to drivers who are willing to switch to CNG.

Some of the new funding is believed to be ear-marked for research into technology for the conversion of

diesel-powered cars to CNG.


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