“O” Ring CNG and U.S. Gain Partner to Expand CNG Presence

“O” Ring CNG and U.S. Gain Partner to Expand CNG Presence

U.S. Gain (GAIN® Clean Fuel), has partnered with compressed natural gas (CNG) provider and station builder, “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, LP (“O” Ring CNG) and its affiliates to co-brand “O” Ring CNG’s existing CNG stations as “O” Ring CNG / GAIN Clean Fuel and incorporate them into U.S. Gain’s nationwide infrastructure of CNG stations.

“O” Ring CNG is a full-service CNG fuel solutions company based in Western Pennsylvania whose goal is to promote the use of CNG as a clean abundant and economical North American energy source. It currently owns and operate four CNG stations, all located in Pennsylvania,  and has built over a dozen others for clients. Several more CNG station locations are slated for completion 2015- 2016.

“This is a great opportunity for “O” Ring CNG and U.S. Gain,” said Bill Renz, general manager for U.S. Gain. “’The “O” Ring CNG sites are strategically located along significant carrier routes and, with U.S. Gain’s agreements with carriers operating in the Northeast, we are able to provide additional access to GAIN CNG to our partner fleets. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

Through this partnership, U.S. Gain will have a total of 43 stations in operation or under construction throughout the United States. In addition, the partnership enables “O” Ring CNG to leverage U.S. Gain’s CNG stations for use with its partner carriers.

“This new partnership is a strategic alliance for us to further our commitment to energy security in America on a larger scale and at an accelerated pace, while still maintaining our goals of creating local opportunities for the benefit of PA and extending outward,” said “O” Ring CEO Robert Beatty.

“O” Ring CNG station projects are vertically integrated throughout all aspects of design, implementation and building, ending with a sustainable energy product for the future that is economically and environmentally sound, creates lasting fiscal benefits for local businesses and consumers, and at the same time helps to improve the air quality by reducing harmful emissions produced by fleets travelling within and through the tri-state region on a daily basis.

Similar to GAIN® Clean Fuel stations, all “O” Ring stations provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. They also accept fleet cards for truck convenience and have proven reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source. They are open for use by other fleets and the general public.

This partnership continues to build on U.S. Gain’s goal of having more than 100 GAIN stations in operation within the next two years. “We have a clear mission of providing carriers with access to CNG that’s significantly cheaper than diesel fuel and produces fewer emissions,” Renz explains. “We’re excited about this partnership as it allows us to continue that mission.”


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