NGVs gain momentum in Spain

NGVs gain momentum in Spain

The number of natural gas vehicles on Spanish roads has doubled in the past years, according to the Spanish Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (GASNAM). A report by Deloitte for GASNAM stated that Spain currently has 4,590 CNG or LNG powered vehicles when in 2008 the total number of vehicles using gas was less than 2,000 vehicles.

Moreover, about 800,000 NGVs are expected by 2045, according to the report, released on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day. With this data, natural gas for road transportation is positioned as a viable alternative to traditional fuels in order to improve air quality in cities and the health of people.

The report also indicates that for 2045 79% of city heavy-duty vehicles and 45% of intercity heavy-duty vehicles could use natural gas, what puts this fuel as the real alternative to diesel in professional transportation.

Big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which register a high rate of vehicles, are taking steps to reduce the high levels of pollution and have opted for fleets powered by natural gas, either for passenger transportation or for urban waste collection, reported news agency EFE.

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