New platform launched to promote the adoption of NGVs in Madrid

New platform launched to promote the adoption of NGVs in Madrid

Launched by Madrileña Red de Gas and Gas Natural Fenosa with the support of Cobra, Gasnam, Emoi and HAM, Plataforma Madrid Respira (Madrid Breathes Platform) aims to raise public awareness of the importance of reducing emissions from transportation, encouraging the use of CNG as a real, economic and eco-friendly alternative that offers the same performance to drivers but with a low level of pollution, reported Europa Press.

As a first initiative, the platform has organized the first virtual debate between six candidates for mayor of Madrid to define and spell out the measures on this issue. Both Esperanza Aguirre (PP) and Antonio Miguel Carmona (PSOE) were in favor of banning the entry of diesel-powered vehicles in the city center.

In addition, while the PP candidate supports the use of more environmentally friendly vehicles, the PSOE contender highlights the deadly consequences of pollution: 2,500 deaths a year in Madrid. Meanwhile, Raquel Lopez, candidate of the Izquierda Unida, has promised that “circulation will be closed dramatically to vehicles when the capital registers pollution figures which are dangerous to human health.”

In this regard, Madrid Respira project has asked technicians from different areas to value the proposals of the candidates and detail steps to improve this problem. Three professionals have analyzed the three pillars that can frame this issue: environment, health and mobility.

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