New agreement in Bolivia intends to consolidate CNG conversion plan

New agreement in Bolivia intends to consolidate CNG conversion plan

In order to meet the targets set for Free Conversion Program and Cylinder Upgrading Program, Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Luis Alberto Sánchez; the executive director of the Executing Agency for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion (EEC-GNV), Hernán Vega Flores; and the President of the Association of CNG Conversion Centers (CEC-GNV), Walter Herbas Campos, signed this week an agreement to work together in the process of changing vehicle’s energy source to natural gas.

The signed document establishes timely payment to conversion centers for the work being performed, the change of the conversion cost structure, the implementation of procedures to enhance control programs and others referred to the change in vehicle’s energy source.

The deal also states that procedures to provide necessary and timely information to all conversion centers will be improved through computer media optimization for a better fluency in information management.

Moreover, equipments for conversion to CNG -kits and cylinders- will be allocated equally at national level and regular controls will be conducted with the National Hydrocarbons Agency and the EEC-GNV to verify compliance with all operative requirements at workshops.

Also, appropriate arrangements will be made for increased personnel to enable better customer service to beneficiaries and conversion centers.

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