More than 700 new CNG buses begin operations in Kazakhstan this month

More than 700 new CNG buses begin operations in Kazakhstan this month

Chinese manufacturer Yutong has recently supplied 760 new natural gas buses to Kazakhstan. Of these vehicles, 590 were purchased by the Shymkent municipal government, while the remaining 170 units will be put into service in Atyrau city. Both orders have been delivered, and all buses will start operations during the beginning of June.

The deployment of these vehicles will greatly improve the public transport situation in Kazakhstan and create a good public transport environment for the cities. At the same time, the adoption of clean fuel vehicles will also effectively reduce the air pollution in cities and contribute to the urban environmental protection.

As a municipality directly under the central government, Shymkent has a population of 1.01 million and is the most dynamic city in southern Kazakhstan. Atyrau, as the petroleum city of Kazakhstan, is also one of the important cities in the country. In respect of the public transport of both cities, current bus fleets are antiquated and need to be renewed.

The models purchased by Atyrau and Shymkent are Yutong ZK6108HGH, ZK6852HG and ZK6118HGA. The three Yutong’s classic bus models with different lengths will meet the passenger carrying demand on different routes, and serve the local residents with higher quality, helping the upgrading of Kazakhstan’s urban public transport system.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the 590 natural gas buses in Shymkent, Yutong has also worked out a special service plan, including vehicle maintenance and driver training.

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