MGL, IGL, Gujarat Gas hike CNG prices

Mahanagar Gas (MGL), Indraprastha Gas (IGL), and Gujarat Gas have all hiked the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) on Wednesday, April 06, following the doubling of domestic natural gas prices to $6.1 per million British thermal unit from April 01.

While MGL also hiked the price of piped natural gas (PNG) by 5/scm to 41/scm, IGL and Gujarat Gas have kept PNG prices unchanged.

The price of CNG was raised by Rs 7 per kg to Rs 67 per kg in Mumbai by MGL; IGL raised it by Rs 2.5 per kg to Rs 66.61/kg. IGL had been raising the price of CNG for the last couple of months, and the present increase takes the price hike by `10 in one month alone. Gujarat Gas hiked the CNG rates by Rs 6.5 per kg to Rs 76.98 per kg.

According to MGL, the price of cooking gas piped to household kitchens was increased to Rs 41 per standard cubic meter in Mumbai. In Delhi, PNG costs Rs 41.61 per standard cubic meter. Prices vary from city to city depending on the incidence of local taxes such as VAT.

Natural gas when compressed becomes CNG for use as fuel in automobiles. The same gas is also piped to household kitchens and industries for cooking and other purposes.

The increase in CNG prices follows Rs 10 per liter hike in petrol and diesel prices in 16 days and a Rs 50 per cylinder raise in the cooking gas LPG rates.

Accordingly, the retail price of CNG was cut by Rs 6 to Rs 60 per kg and domestic piped natural gas (PNG) by Rs 3.50 to Rs 36 per standard cubic meter (scm) in and around Mumbai.

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