Mercedes Benz supports deployment of natural gas buses in Mexico

Mercedes Benz supports deployment of natural gas buses in Mexico

According to a study by the World Health Organization, 92% of the world’s people live in cities where air quality is not optimal for everyday life, so it is necessary to find solutions that reduce emissions and improve the environment. In this sense, Mercedes-Benz Autobuses confirms its commitment to the environment and sustainable mobility by having a robust portfolio of natural gas buses for carriers.

Mercedes-Benz options to support sustainability are their buses Torino GNC and a chassis XDH with body UrviabusBeccar, equipped with natural gas engines. These models cover mobility needs as they are used in feeder routes in BRT systems, but they are also efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles as they use CNG as an energy source.

For a place so polluted as the City of Mexico, natural gas is an excellent choice by demonstrating that it is cleaner than diesel. It is also odorless, smokeless, generates less nitrous and sulfur oxides and volatilizes very fast, plus it is 50% cheaper than diesel. In addition, CNG engines are quieter and offer less leakage and vibration, which translates into more pleasant and safe trips.

In that sense, Mercedes-Benz sustainable buses are a great choice for new urban corridors, so much so, that in the recent event ‘Green Alternatives, Sustainable Cities’ in the City of Morelos, vehicles with natural gas engine were the most praised. Mercedes-Benz Autobuses also announced it will start selling electric buses in 2018.

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