Medical Deliveries with CNG in Germany

Medical Deliveries with CNG in Germany

amedes Medical Services GmbH currently has 340 vehicles in its fleet, based in Göttingen and Hamburg, of which 216 are used to transport tissue and blood samples. Now the amedes Group is working together with Volkswagen Leasing GmbH to introduce natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

In March 2015, the first four Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered Volkswagen load Up!, a city-sized delivery van, replaced diesel Opel Combo vehicles. By June 2015 there will be 55 cars and by March 2017 the number of CNG vehicles is expected to grow to 105.

The company runs more than 500 delivery missions daily to fetch blood and tissue samples from medical practices and hospitals, as well as transporting diagnostics reports and consumables, travelling an annual cumulative distance of about 15 million kilometers.

The CO₂ emissions of the VW load Up!, at 79 g / km, is almost half that of the Opel Combo diesel. The 1.0 litre 50 kW (68 hp) 3-cylinder engine with 5-speed manual transmission averages 2.9 kg fuel per 100 kms and is rated ‘Efficiancy Class A+’.

The load Up! eliminates the rear seat to provide a flat boot floor for easy loading, considerably increasing storage capacity. The load compartment is 990 litres capacity and th vehicle has a maximum payload of 360 kg.

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