Mapping Tool for CNG, LNG Stations Eases NGV Range Anxiety

 Mapping Tool for CNG, LNG Stations Eases NGV Range Anxiety

NGVAmerica has debuted its new Station Analysis Map – a web-based tool that allows users to not only identify natural gas stations, but also to ascertain the expected vehicle driving ranges that each station can support, in 100-, 400- and 600-mile increments.

The mapping tool draws its data regarding compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling infrastructure – including station locations, accessibility and contact information – from the DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC). All the information is updated on a monthly basis.

“The new NGVAmerica Station Analysis Map is an important addition to our online resources that help further expand the use of natural gas as a vehicular fuel,” says Matt Godlewski, president of NGVAmerica. “This tool will help industry leaders, fleet operators and consumers alike to further promote and take advantage of clean-burning, domestically abundant natural gas.”

The organization says the tool is designed to make NGV route and travel planning easy, as well as to help NGV industry stakeholders identify key markets and pinpoint opportunities for new CNG or LNG station construction.

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