London leaves diesel and rolls out first double-decker hydrogen bus

London leaves diesel and rolls out first double-decker hydrogen bus

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan unveiled the world’s first double-decker hydrogen bus, as he committed to phasing out purchasing new pure ‘dirty’ diesel buses from the capital. He revealed that no more pure diesel double-deck buses will be added to the capital’s fleet from 2018 and that all new single-decks for central London will be zero-emission. It is estimated that the equivalent of 9,400 premature deaths occur each year in London due to illnesses caused by long-term exposure to air pollution and diesel vehicles are recognized as a major contributor to pollution and associated health impacts.

The new hydrogen double-decker is at the forefront of green technology and will be trialed on London’s roads next year. It is made by UK bus manufacturer Wrightbus and forms part of the Mayor’s plan to transform the capital’s bus fleet by phasing out the oldest and most polluting diesel buses, and making the entire fleet ultra-low or zero emission.

“I’m implementing hard-hitting measures to clean-up London’s toxic air and it’s great that more cities are getting on board to phase out the procurement of pure diesel buses which sends a clear signal that only the cleanest technologies are wanted in our cities,” Khan said. “Transforming London’s bus fleet by accelerating the introduction of zero-emission buses is important and I plan to work with bus manufacturers, other cities, the European Commission and the C40 Climate Change Leadership Group of Cities to move this agenda forward.”

At least 20 new hydrogen buses will be delivered as part of a £10m part-EU funded project supporting hydrogen technology, with TfL providing at least £5m in funding. “We’re determined to make our public transport system one of the cleanest in the world and phasing out diesel buses lies at the heart of this. Zero emission buses are the future, and my staff are working hard with manufacturers and bus companies to make them a reality in the Capital as quickly as possible,” said Mike Brown MVO, London’s Transport Commissioner.

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