LNG terminal to fuel marine vessels

LNG terminal to fuel marine vessels

The LNG terminal of Petronet LNG Limited, located at Puthuvype here, is set to gain additional revenue by means of bunkering. The terminal has successfully provided LNG to a marine vessel which berthed at the terminal a few days ago.

The procedure could be replicated, effectively adding to the capacity utilisation of the terminal.

The LNG terminal is utilising less than 10 per cent of its capacity of 5 mmtpa (million metric tones per annum) now. Modifications had been incorporated at the terminal to supply LNG to marine vessels, a top official of Petronet LNG Limited told The Hindu on Friday. The bunkering operation is the first of its kind in the country and the Asian region, according to him. It could be a potential revenue-earning mode for the terminal and the government by way of VAT, he said.

The use of LNG would result in lower emissions as natural gas is considered the cleanest fuel available.



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