LNG-Powered Truck Trialled for Container Terminal Logistics

LNG-Powered Truck Trialled for Container Terminal Logistics

Container terminal logistcs company Contship Italia Group’s commitment to sustainability continues with a working partnership between Hannibal (the Group Multimodal Transport Operator) with Iveco, ​a CNH Industrial brand and global manufacturer of natural gas powered vehicles. Hannibal is set to explore the operational performance of LNG engines prior to finalizing a decision to deploy these cleaner trucks within Contship Italia Group Intermodal & Logistic division’s partners.

Live trials are to be performed under the sponsorship of “Poseidon MED“, a EU funded project where Contship Italia is involved together with La Spezia Port Authority promoting LNG as a viable alternative fuel in the container supply chain.

In partnership with the Italian trucking company Lgt Autotrasporti Laverde Srl., and the Iveco’s dealer Milano Industrial Spa, a new Stralis Hi-Road LNG truck was recently refueled for the first time at the ENI Liquefied Natural Gas service station of Piacenza.

The LNG technology deployed by Iveco in a fleet of over 330 LNG trucks throughout Europe provides substantial environmental benefits in comparison with the more standard Euro6 diesel trucks. Reported saving are in the range of 35% of NOx Emissions, 95% of PP (particulate) Emissions and 10% of CO2 Emissions.

Additionally, the LNG truck provides a reduction of noise emissions in excess of 5%, an extremely important factor for drivers and for the impact of traffic in the cities, especially in the evening and night time. The truck will be used, monitored and evaluated in the coming weeks, in the trials.

LNG is considered to be replacement for the dirtier fossil fuels in the longer term as our world searches for alternatives to sustain future generations. In the coming years there is the likelihood of giant containerships being fully or partially powered by LNG and on land we look forward to see more and more of these gentle giants on our roads and highways. The optimal support for an even more sustainable approach to Intermodal solutions in the container supply chain.

Contship maintains its commitment for a smarter and more sustainable value chain: from the choice of the optimal mode of transportation, to the attention to fuel and engine systems, no effort shall be spared in ensuring the best solutions, supporting Group’ valued customers in their global commitment in environmental friendly logistics.


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