JTA awards $8.1 million contract to Clean Energy

JTA awards $8.1 million contract to Clean Energy

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority awarded an $8.1 million contract to Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to design, build and operate its compressed natural gas fueling station.

The deal will include modifications to the facility to accommodate the conversion of the JTA’s buses from diesel to CNG, according to a statement from Clean Energy.

The JTA will transition 100 buses from diesel to CNG, including 40 buses that will be used for the city’s bus rapid transit system.JTA has said previously it plans to break ground on the fueling station by September 2015.

By switching to natural gas, JTA should save about $5.7 million over the life of the agreement, according to an article from CNBC.

Clean Energy will build the fueling infrastructure, modify the maintenance buildings, and design and construct the parking areas. Part of the plan is also to demolish the JTA administration building, as the JTA plans to move to a new transportation center over the coming years.

The CNG facility will be open to the public, and JTA guaranteed it will purchase a minimum quantity of fuel over 15 years.


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