Indian Oil Corporation Limited to bring bio-CNG to Kanpur Dehat

LUCKNOW: Amid rising prices of CNG, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is working on alternative cheaper and cleaner bio-CNG, also known as CBG (Compressed BioGas) in Kanpur and Kannauj by year end.

On Wednesday, IOCL signed an MoU with AA Bioenergy to buy 2.4 tonnes of CBG per day for consumption in Kanpur Dehat. The firm is expected to start producing CBG by December. Another firm, Bhadauria Natural Gas and Products based in Kannauj is set to launch CBG production by December end too.

Executive director and state head of UPSO-1 IOCL, Sanjiv Kakkar said, “The upcoming plant in Kanpur Dehat will be one of its kind and the first in Uttar Pradesh to be producing CBG primarily from agricultural waste, fruits & vegetable waste of mandis, napier grass, dairy waste, and cow dung. The IOCL retail outlets will sell CBG under the brand name of ‘IndiGreen’.”

Talking to TOI, IOCL PRO Sarvjeet Singh said, “The biggest benefits of CBG is that it’s clean and cheap and will reduce dependency on imports of CNG.”



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