India to unveil world’s first CNG motorcycle

People have numerous renewable energy sources like solar and wind. No matter how many they discover, the public only focuses on real-world applications.

That is why numerous experts have developed ways to use green energy, applying it to vehicles, gadgets, and other daily tools.


India will share one of the latest green tech advancements because automotive firm Bajaj Auto will launch the world’s first CNG-fueled motorcycle.

Canada’s Energy Education website defines CNG as “compressed natural gas.” It is natural gas stored under high pressure while maintaining its gaseous form. In November 2023, Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj told CNBC-TV18 that its prototype would be the first production model of its kind.

He said the vehicle emits 75% less carbon monoxide than petrol motorcycles. Moreover, the CNG motorcycle had a significant decline in CO2 emissions and “almost zero” non-methane hydrocarbons.

Bajaj told the news outlet that riders can save 50% to 65% in fuel costs by using the unique vehicle.

Africa-based energy company Axxel Group says driving a CNG-fueled vehicle offers these other benefits:CNG has limited flammability, reducing accidental combustion risks. Automobiles using compressed natural gas have lower maintenance costs. CNG doesn’t contaminate motor oil.CNG-fueled vehicles run quietly.Vehicle news outlet Rushlane posted photos of the CNG-powered prototype and its potential specifications:

17-inch (43 cm) diameter wheels with 80/100 tubeless tiresSemi-digital instrument panelTelescopic forksRear mono-shockLED headlightsBajaj Auto will release the vehicle in India on June 18, 2024, but it hasn’t shared more information at the time of writing.

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