High Density CNG Trialled for Waste Collection in Australia

High Density CNG Trialled for Waste Collection in Australia

The IntelliGas Group, a privately owned Australian gas technology specialist, is applying its patented natural gas fuel system to improve the efficiency of waste collection in Adelaide, South Australia. The system allows the vehicle to perform a full shift of between nine and ten hours without the need to refuel, collecting between 1,200 and 1,300 bins per shift.

The Dennis Eagle refuse truck prototype uses an IntelliGas High Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG™) Fuel Storage System. IntelliGas Group Chairman Jim McDonald said the Dennis Eagle HDCNG™ prototype has 50 to 80 per cent greater fuel capacity than conventional CNG-powered trucks.

“It uses natural gas at pressures of 350 bar (5076 psi) to improve fuel density and halve the space claim of regular CNG,” Mr McDonald said.

“It means the truck can travel a similar range to its diesel powered counterparts before refuelling, while producing significantly less noise.

“The truck also produces up to 25 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel engines, significantly less harmful particulate pollution and the fuel is cheaper than diesel too.”


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