Hexagon and Toyota strengthen alliance on hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Hexagon and Toyota strengthen alliance on hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Hexagon Purus, subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, has been awarded a contract to supply hydrogen systems to Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) for its newest prototype hydrogen-powered heavy-duty fuel cell truck powertrains. The total sales value of the order is approximately USD 1 million. First prototypes of the hydrogen systems are due to be delivered in the fourth quarter 2020.

This is the third heavy-duty truck project in three years that Hexagon Purus has collaborated on with Toyota. Earlier projects included Toyota’s proof of concept for the Los Angeles ports, supporting the ports’ efforts to reduce harmful emissions (2017), and a hydrogen Tobus model from CaetanoBus that utilizes Toyota’s leading fuel cell technology (2019).

The world-leading OEM has expressed that they believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology has tremendous potential to become the powertrain of the future. Heavy-duty trucks are typically used for highway transportation; therefore, they are required to have sufficient cruising range and load capacity as well as fast refueling capability. For this reason, fuel cell vehicles that run on hydrogen with its higher energy density are considered effective.

“Hydrogen is the main focus of Hexagon Purus. We are pleased to be selected once again to collaborate with Toyota. We look forward to leveraging our extensive experience in lightweight, reliable and safe hydrogen storage and systems to help Toyota pave the way to zero emission commercial transport,” said Todd Sloan, EVP Systems, Hexagon Purus.


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