Greenkraft Develops Tri-gas Commercial Truck — CNG, LPG and Gas

Greenkraft Develops Tri-gas Commercial Truck — CNG, LPG and Gas

Greenkraft Inc., a California-based manufacturer of alternative fuel trucks and alternative fuel systems, has introduced its new G-series line of tri-gas commercial trucks that can run on CNG, LPG or gasoline.

These cab-forward trucks, promoted by Superior Transportation Solutions (STS), a Greenkraft distributor in Texas, are available with a six-liter or eight-liter GM engine with fuel capacities that range from 20 to 60 GGE.

At this month’s ACT Expo in Dallas, Greenkraft displayed a unique demonstrator vehicle with gasoline, CNG and propane fuel capability — effectively a tri-gas system on one vehicle where clients can choose the fuel. The tri-gas demonstrator received a lot of attention at the show and provided a chance for Greenkraft to promote its products in the alternative fuel industry.

Greenkraft designs, develops, and manufacturers alternative fuel commercial vehicle products such as forward cabin trucks, alternative fuel systems and alternative fuel engines. The company was established to introduce clean, green, efficient, automotive products that run on alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels such as CNG, LPG, gas and hybrid in Classes 3 through 7 power Greenkraft’s commercial trucks. The company is dedicated to providing innovative alternative fuel trucks, alternative fuel systems, and alternative fuel engines for businesses in the United States.

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