Greater Cleveland RTA Adds 90 CNG Buses

Greater Cleveland RTA Adds 90 CNG Buses

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) unveiled its new compressed natural gas (CNG) buses at a ceremony at the Great Lakes Science Center on March 19. RTA is adding 90 new CNG buses to its big-bus fleet this summer, with 25 more in 2016. They will replace clean diesel buses that have reached the extent of their useful life.

“Natural gas costs 1/3 that of diesel, resulting in savings of more than $200,000 over the life of each bus,” said RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese.

Each CNG bus reduces annual emissions by 100 tons of CO2 equivalent per bus, so RTA’s fleet of CNG buses will emit 30% fewer greenhouse gases by 2017, Calabrese said. Diesel costs $2.88 per gallon. CNG diesel-gas-equivalent costs $1 per gallon.

“When we pair long-term cost savings and long-term energy savings with an improvement in RTA’s overall carbon footprint, everyone wins,” Calabrese said. “RTA is proud to join with partners such as Parker Hannifin, which is supplying the refueling dispensers, in strategic sustainability initiatives,” Calabrese said.

“Parker is committed to supporting clean transportation and we are proud to work with local partners such as the Greater Cleveland RTA,” said Tamara Horne, General Manager of Parker’s Veriflo Division. “Natural gas provides significant benefits to the environment and the bottom line, and Parker’s fast-fill fuel dispensers will help to make the transition from diesel as seamless as possible.”

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