Government weighs doubling capacity of LNG import terminal

Government weighs doubling capacity of LNG import terminal

NEW DELHI: India plans to more than double its liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal capacity in

six years to cater to the rising natgas demand from refineries, fertilizer and power plants.

Plans to set up new terminals and expand existing facilities will push up LNG terminal capacity to 47.5

million metric tonne per annum (mmtpa) by 2022 from the current 21.3 mmtpa, according to an oil

ministry document.

In 2015-16, the natural gas consumption in the country rose barely 2 per cent to 52 billion cubic meters,

of which 40 per cent was imported as LNG. But in the last few months, the consumption has soared,

rising 14 per cent in April, banking on cheaper imports that rose 45 per cent. Government weighs

doubling capacity of LNG import terminal As the economy expands and industries and households

increase their consumption of natural gas, the dependence on imported LNG will only increase since the

domestic output has been declining for years. A three-fourths collapse in natural gas prices in two years

has made imports attractive.

The fertilizer and power sectors have been key consumers of the natural gas in the country, depending

mostly on domestic output, while refineries and petrochemicals plants have relied more on imported


The imported gas is liquefied at source and carried by ships to LNG import terminals where it is

regassified for further supply. With expanding need for imports, Indian also needs to add more LNG

terminal capacity.

Currently, there are four LNG terminals at Dahej and Hazira in Gujarat, Dabhol in Maharashtra and Kochi

in Kerala. The recently-built Kochi terminal is barely functional due to the delay in the construction of

pipeline planned to connect the terminal with the consumers.

The capacity at Dahej is expected to expand to reach 15 million tonne by the year end from 10 million

tonne at present, and further to 17.5 million tonne in future, according to the oil ministry document.

A new LNG terminal at Ennor in Tamil Nadu , being built by state-run Indian Oil Corporation, with a

capacity of 5 million tonne, is expected to be completed in three years.

Adani group is developing a 5 million tonne capacity at Dhamra in Odisha while Shell and GAIL plan to

set up a 5 million tonne terminal at Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. weighs-doubling-

capacity-of- lng-import- terminal/articleshow/52628254.cms

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