GASNAM launches “LNG as a marine fuel” course in Madrid

GASNAM launches “LNG as a marine fuel” course in Madrid

The Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (GASNAM) will start the course “LNG as a marine fuel (basic level)” at the headquarters of Puertosdel Estado in Madrid. This course is part of a pilot edition of two courses on LNG as a marine fuel, one basic and one advanced, which GASNAM will conduct in 2017 and 2018.

Due to new restrictions on SOx and NOx emissions as well as the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime transport, LNG continues to progress as the alternative, ecological and available fuel to replace traditional fuel such as Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Marine Diesel-Oil (MDO).

Therefore, GASNAM will teach during 2017-18 two courses: basic and advanced level for professionals in the shipping and LNG supply sectors. Both courses have the goal to train professionals to be employed in this activity.

The basic level course, in its pilot edition, will take place on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September 2016, in Madrid. The teachers have been carefully chosen taking into account the experience of each in the subject to be taught, and the agendas have been the subject of detailed study and planning. Professionals come from naval, gas and port sectors; there will be engineering and shipping companies, classification societies, and gas suppliers and transporters firms.

The pilot basic level course is divided into a ten-hour theoretical part after which it will conduct a test on the contents taught, and a second five-hour practical part, in which students will be trained on how LNG bunkering is made.

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