Gas to CNG stations not restored yet

Gas to CNG stations not restored yet

The government has yet to decide about the opening of CNG stations in the country as it has not opened the gas stations on 15th March as announced previously.

It seems that the opening of CNG stations is attached with the import of LNG and before that the government is not in a mood to supply gas to this sector. Government many times had hinted that the gas stations will be open of March 15, a date that has passed.

There are multiple factors which have helped the government to delay the reopening of gas stations. One very important factor is decreased price of fuel that has kept the masses calm and they are not in a mood to stage protest for the supply of cheaper fuel.

CNG station owners whereas are waiting for the reopening orders as they are thirsty to make money for four months. In past, gas station owners used to stage protests with the help of commuters to pressurize the government to supply them gas. Since common man is getting petrol on cheaper price, gas station owners have no choice but to wait for the government decision and rely on their Association chairman who apparently is busy to ink a deal with the gas distribution companies for the supply of gas that CNG sector will inject in the pipeline in shape of import LNG.

As per government claimed schedule, the first ship of LNG will reach Karachi port on 1st April and it has also assured the CNG sector that it will get some share from the imported LNG. Moreover, it is encouraging CNG sector to import its own LNG and then re-gasify it and inject in the main pipelines and get the supply at the gas stations as per their share. In the present circumstances, CNGs will not be opened before the start of next month rather it can be delayed further.

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