Gas and power companies say financial ease is on its way

After about 3 months of higher than normal PG&E bills, customers can expect about a 75% decline in their March bills,” said Escalera.

Many natural gas customers may have noticed within the past 3 months their utility bills have been pricer than usual.

Evelyn Escalera with PG&E said the cost of natural gas is more expensive and plays a big factor in the price hike.

“The gas prices on the west coast were a lot higher than normal so PG&E is paying more for gas and that’s the gas customers are paying,” said Escalera.

The abnormally cold and rainy storms in California are another contributing factor to your bill.

Our chief meteorologist Miles Muzio said here in Kern County, we’ve experienced a number of days with freezes and frosts.

Within the past three months, there have been a little over 20 frost days, the month of December alone had 10 frost days.

Escalera said the cold temperatures led many to turn on their heaters to keep warm.

The CPUC known as the California Public Utility Commission voted earlier this year to allow the California climate credit to take effect a month in advance.

Now all PG&E customers along with So Cal Edison and So Cal Gas customers will be seeing a credit on the march bill.

The climate credit is nothing new to customers and is typically applied in April, but Escalera said it’s rare that the credit is given out a month in advance.

“The credit is applied automatically on their bills, customers don’t have to do anything, and this is a credit that is applied to residential customers only,” said Escalera.

Along with the credit, customers will also feel more financial relief as natural gas prices are now declining.

“We have seen a decrease in the marketplace for gas. So PG&E paying a lower amount for the gas that we provide our customers on average about 40%,” said Escalera.



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