Galveston Partners to Offer LNG Fueling Services Starting This Year 

Galveston Partners to Offer LNG Fueling Services Starting This Year 

Galveston announced that it has reached an agreement to introduce liquefied natural gas bunkering services at the port before the end of 2021. Galveston Wharves at the Port of Galveston and Stabilis Solutions, a provider of energy services, have entered into a memorandum of understanding to facilitate the use of LNG as a marine fuel at the port.

Under the terms of the MOU, the port and Stabilis will work together to provide turnkey LNG fueling solutions to marine vessels calling on the port, including identifying suitable dock space for shore-to-ship fueling operations, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, identifying and educating potential customers, and executing LNG fueling events. Stabilis will deploy its existing fleet of mobile cryogenic assets, including LNG transportation and distribution equipment, and provide LNG from its liquefaction facilities in Texas and Louisiana to support LNG fueling operations. 

“The Galveston Wharves views LNG fueling of marine vessels as an important step in our commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Rodger Rees, Port Director and CEO. “With the number of LNG-fueled vessels in the global fleet growing rapidly, having LNG fueling services in the port is an important step in our commercial growth.”

The port cited data from DNV showing the demand for LNG as a marine fuel is projected to grow from approximately 1.0 million tons per annum in 2020 to nearly 4.0 mtpa by 2024, a compound annual growth rate of over 30 percent. With this partnership providing LNG fuel and services, Stabilis and the Galveston Wharves hope to attract more LNG-fueled vessels and to encourage additional conversions to LNG fuel.

“Stabilis is proud to partner with the Galveston Wharves on this LNG marine bunkering opportunity,” said Jim Reddinger, President and CEO of Stabilis. “The use of LNG as a marine fuel is critical for marine operators to reduce their emissions profile, and Stabilis is building a North American network of LNG bunkering locations to provide this critical service to our marine customers. The Port of Galveston is the second LNG marine fueling location (along with the Port of Corpus Christi) that Stabilis will operate on the Gulf Coast.”

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