Galileo Secures Canadian Distributor for CNG-LCNG-LNG Cryobox

Galileo Secures Canadian Distributor for CNG-LCNG-LNG Cryobox

Canadian energy equipment distributor and service provider, National Energy Equipment, Inc. (NEE) has entered into an agreement with Argentina’s GNC Galileo S.A., a natural gas applied technology provider, for distribution of CNG / LCNG / LNG (Cryobox) equipment in Canada.

NEE and Galileo have announced a CNG / LCNG / LNG equipment distribution agreement for the complete line of Galileo equipment used in applications ranging from CNG for on and off road vehicles, industrial uses, storage, dispensing and Virtual Pipeline® for delivery into remote locations to scalable LNG production for vehicular and high horsepower markets (HHP) Marine / Rail / Power Generation / Mining / Oil & Gas.

NEE designs, sells and services complete fuel delivery systems for use in transportation, marine, rail, mining and other applications and has significant experience with conversion of vehicles to CNG. In recent years NEE has seen growth in the adoption of Natural Gas as a fuel for transportation, industrial heating, remote power generation, and HHP applications (Marine / Rail / Power Generation / Mining / Oil & Gas) due to price stability, availability and an increased focus on environmental benefits.

The agreement was reached by Galileo to partner with a national Canadian corporation, to bring Galileo’s global Natural Gas Technologies for CNG / LCNG / LNG (Cryobox) to Canada through a company offering extensive industry coverage and experience in engineering, sales and service.

“Our customer base expects NEE to be at the forefront of new technology,” said Tiina McCombie, marketing director of NEE, “so we want to provide innovative solutions for whatever their choice in energy fuels may be. The partnership with Galileo is an exciting opportunity, allowing NEE to develop Galileo CNG / LCNG / LNG (Cryobox) technologies to meet safety and operational excellence for the Canadian market, meeting the needs of customers and our alliance contractors now and into the future.”

Galileo Technologies is an NGV Global Corporate Sponsor. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a Service and Training Hub in Los Angeles, California, Galileo exports state-of-the-art natural gas technology and provides ongoing support to customers in 65 countries in Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and now Canada.

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