France’s La Poste and ENGIE to Develop NGV Projects

France’s La Poste and ENGIE to Develop NGV Projects

France’s government-owned La Poste Group and energy company ENGIE, via its wholly owned

subsidiary GNVert, will cooperate to design refueling solutions for certain La Poste fleets of natural

gas and hydrogen vehicles. Together they will develop various eco-mobility projects that make use

of natural gas and biomethane (renewable natural gas), helping to achieve their green and

sustainable mobility goals.

Philippe Wahl, Chief Executive Officer of La Poste group, and Isabelle Kocher, Chief Executive Officer

of ENGIE, signed a cooperation agreement to develop the projects, in particular through the use of

Vehicle Natural Gas, an alternative fuel with recognized environmental and economic advantages,

and hydrogen, a promising fuel that offers good driving range that emits only water vapour. Their

European scale agreement covers 5 years.

The objective for La Poste Group is to establish its leadership in sustainable mobility by prioritizing

large-scale use of low CO2 fuel emission vehicles, making a significant contribution to reducing air

and noise pollution in cities. Through GNVert, the partnership will enable ENGIE to contribute to the

development of the promising alternative fuels market, based on fuels that are less CO2 emitting

and without particulates. The agreement also establishes conditions necessary for the development

of biomethane fuel (bioVNG), a renewable natural gas fuel derived from methanization of waste.

At the same time, La Poste Group and ENGIE commit to collaborate on an awareness campaign and

coordinated communications on eco-mobility in conjunction with the energy transition.

For the past year, La Poste Group has been involved in developing natural gas vehicles (NGVs) for

use throughout France. The Group has already deployed 40 light ans used to make final-kilometre

express package deliveries and will have a hundred in circulation by the end of the year. La Poste

understands CNG technology can cover the entire range of vans and express parcel and a wide

selection of trucks.

In April this year La Poste also took delivery of a Renault Trucks D WIDE CNG (Euro 6 NGT9 / 6

cylinder / 9 liters / 320 hp) for deployment at Rungis transport agency, which will provide CNG mail

transport links and packages to Paris and the inner suburbs.

To accelerate the adoption of alternative fuels, the ENGIE Group has decided to invest up to €100

million over five years to develop natural gas fuel for trucks in Europe. poste-and- engie-to- develop-ngv- projects-0706

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