Florida may get 2 liquefied natural gas facilities

Florida may get 2 liquefied natural gas facilities

Florida East Coast Industries proposed the creation of a liquefied natural gas production and distribution facility, which would be located in Titusville, Florida, according to Florida Today.

The company states the plant would provide the state’s residents with jobs, fuel and could spur business development in the region. The nearest similar facility is in Macon, Georgia.

“Natural gas will be critical to the region,” said Florida East Industries Executive Vice President Husein Cumber, according to Florida Today. “We saw an opportunity to fill that gap. As we look at where the demand is, we see the Space Coast as being a location that we need one of these facilities in order to continue economic growth.”

Florida East Coast Industries hopes to obtain a construction permit in January and break ground right away so that the LNG facility could be operational by mid-2016. The proposal is set to be reviewed by the Titusville Planning and Zoning Commission Jan. 21 and the Titusville City Council Jan. 27.

The LNG plant would acquire supplies through existing natural gas pipelines. The LNG would then be purified and liquefied at the facility, stored in on-site tanks, then shipped by rail or truck.

An LNG plant in Jacksonville

Pivotal LNG, Inc. and WesPac Midstream LLC announced Jan. 6 they had signed an agreement with TOTE, Inc. to supply LNG to TOTE’s two containerships. The containerships, which are large cargo ships that use dual-fuel LNG engines, should arrive in Jacksonville in late 2015 and will move between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.

Pivotal and WesPac are also constructing a liquefaction facility in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the press release. The companies hope to have the plant operational by mid-2016.


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