First hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai delivers in Belgium

First hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai delivers in Belgium

Following the United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany, Belgium is the 4th European country to start

selling the world’s first fuel cell sedan and Hydrogenics Corporation is the first customer in this country

that has received the Mirai. “Toyota has made a clear commitment to reduce the CO2 emissions of its

new vehicles by 90% in 2050 (versus 2010 levels). We believe hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be essential

to achieve our ambitious targets,” said David Willems, Marketing Director from Toyota Belgium.

After receiving the keys of the Toyota Mirai, Filip Smeets, Managing Director of Hydrogenics Belgium,

commented: “As a pioneering company in the field of renewable hydrogen, we are delighted to be the

first customer of the Toyota Mirai in Belgium. We are convinced that hydrogen mobility will become the

most attractive green mobility option, thanks to an extended driving range and short refueling time. We

are now actively preparing the hydrogen refueling infrastructure to ensure people can easily refuel their

hydrogen cars in Belgium and all across Europe.”

The Flemish government has confirmed its support to open 20 public hydrogen refueling stations in

Flanders by 2020, which would be sufficient to offer a hydrogen refueling station to everyone in

Flanders within a radius of 25 km. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are exempt from registration fees and

traffic tax in Flanders.

Bart Tommelein, Vice-Minister- President of the Flemish Government, Flemish Minister for Budget,

Finance and Energy, said at this occasion: “Green vehicles are the future. Helping to bring a solution to

particulate pollution and contributing to a better air quality for us, our children and grandchildren, fuel

cell cars have a major role to play. The main advantage is that they do no emit emissions other than

water vapor. This makes them more environmentally friendly than cars on petrol or diesel. That is why

we stimulate the purchase of green cars within the Flemish Government.” powered-toyota- mirai-delivers- in-belgium/

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